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In 2009, Prosecco-making areas of Italy were united and elevated to a single Prosecco controlled designation of origin, or DOC. The town of Prosecco, known as the birthplace of the Glera grape, is one of the towns in Northeast Italy included in the Prosecco DOC. Upon the establishment of this new area, the name of the Prosecco grape was changed to the historical grape name, Glera. Prosecco DOC wine must be made from a minimum of 85% Glera. Other permitted grapes include local native varieties.

In 2020, Prosecco DOC Rosé was established. This new controlled designation of origin outlines specific rules around the production and sales of Rosé from Prosecco. All wines must be made with 85% Glera. Only one red grape is allowed, Pinot Noir.

Ca’ Furlan was created in 2009 (the same year Prosecco DOC was established!) by Alessandro Furlan, a winemaker from a winemaking family in northeastern Italy. Alessandro teamed up with longtime friend and colleague Charlie Trivinia of Regal Wine Imports, based in New Jersey, to create their own version of Prosecco, the sparkling wine of Alessandro’s homeland. “Ca” means home and family in the local dialect of northeast Italy, so the name Ca’ Furlan is representative of Alessandro’s roots in the historic regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto in northern Italy, both places where Alessandro calls home. The wines are named after women in the Furlan and Trivinia families.

The gold accents and elegant crown on the packaging encourage Ca’ Furlan drinkers to “Crown the Moment,” whether it be large or small, with a delicious glass of Prosecco.